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Carole Scott's Works

My books, The Invisible Hand in American History, which is about the role of economics in shaping the past in America, and Clopton's Short History of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1925, a counter factual history, are available at into your browser in order to see my article: The World's Banking Turned Upside Down:

The Crisis in Academic Research

A Liberal Georgia Governor

Shootout at the State Capitol

The Radio Inventor/Entrepreneurs

Banking Lessons from the Antebellum South

Admirer or Critic of the Old South?

The Disappearance From Georgia Of The Farm Union

The Very Different But Connected Economies Of The Northeast And The South Before The Civil War

Read about some interesting historical figures

Go to the Dixie Deli for some fine cyber "food"

The material found at the above links is copyrighted by Carole E. Scott, 1998-2018.

Some of the articles have been published in print publications or presented at a meeting by their author.  Except for personal use, DO NOT  use this material without obtaining permission. For permission send an email to her.  You can email her by clicking the icon below.

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